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So glad you’ve decided to pursue bridge!

Whether you are a bridge player or a teacher, we have everything you need to start your program. Materials and stipends are available through the School Bridge Lesson Program (below). A copy of the Jump Start and How to Teach Bridge material is also available for download. Be sure and check out the other resources below. View help videos here. If you need technical bridge assistance, email

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The ACBL School Bridge Program

The ACBL School Bridge Program is designed to help you bring the joy of bridge to youth. More than 2000 youngsters participate each year in schools throughout North America. The program is sponsored by the ACBL and includes teacher stipends and free textbooks. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Teaching Materials

Please Note:  A small correction has been made to a graphic on page 11 in the Player Workbook and Teacher Manual.  Click here to view the graphic and the correction.

Teacher Help Videos

Some videos to help get you as a teacher get started!


18×24 poster download

Make your own Card Holder 

Click here for instructions

Bidding Reference

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