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Jump Start Bridge at the Georgia Association for Gifted Children Conference (GAGC)

Columbus, Georgia March 4-5

Introducing bridge to Gifted Teachers has proven to be an exciting and rewarding adventure!  On the heels of the National Association for Gifted Children conference in November of 2023, Jump Start Bridge ventured on to the state scene in Georgia.

Over 700 gifted teachers attended, and many stopped by our exhibit to find out about the bridge!  What is bridge.  What bridge can offer them, their students and their school.  And, best of all, how to play bridge!

Evelyn Gilliard, Linda Dunn and Patty Tucker from Atlanta and Amy Willis and Brenda Willis from the Columbus Bridge Club manned the booth, playing bridge with the attendees and sharing information about the game and the program.  Three teachers indicated interest in trying bridge this summer in their schools’ summer program.  Three teachers joined ACBL immediately.  Over 175 teachers left information and asked to be contacted to find out more information, thinking about programs this August.  

Jump Start Bridge is off to a rousing start.  19 programs of a total of 490 students have started school programs since November of 2023 from the attendees at the NAGC conference.  Will have to wait until August for a final count from the GAGC conference.  What will THAT number be?

Jump Start Bridge is an initiative of Atlanta Junior Bridge a 501(c)3 Educational Charity.  If you are interested in more information about Jump Start Bridge, please contact Patty Tucker at

News and Articles

On June 9, 2024, twenty bridge teachers and players from eleven states met in Atlanta to learn how to staff exhibitor booths at state conferences. The event included training, guest speakers, and a collaborative effort to promote bridge education.

The article discusses efforts to teach bridge to younger generations, focusing on two California programs for children aged 8 to 11. Despite financial challenges, instructors like Teri Atkinson and Nancy Schramm are dedicated to expanding the game’s reach, recognizing its long-term potential.

The article explores how younger people are increasingly drawn to bridge, traditionally seen as a game for older adults. Efforts by organizations like the ACBL aim to engage juniors through initiatives like and school programs, emphasizing the social and intellectual aspects of the game over online play.

Fourth and fifth-graders at James River Elementary School in Williamsburg learn bridge, enhancing critical thinking and social skills. They compete in tournaments and enjoy the mental challenge.

University of Oklahoma sophomore Eric Sieg breaks stereotypes by playing bridge competitively, aiming to attract a younger crowd to the game. Despite perceptions and the allure of poker, Sieg and others see bridge’s complexity and social benefits as reasons for its appeal.

Students at Sullivan Middle School in Bonsall learn bridge weekly, improving math skills and making new friends. Instructor Mark Freundel guides them, supported by the American Contract Bridge League. Bridge offers intellectual challenges and life-long skills, with prestige as a grand life master being a major goal.

Twelve-year-old Adam Grossack defies stereotypes as a competitive bridge player, teaching the game to peers. Despite its image, bridge attracts young players like Adam, prompting efforts by the American Contract Bridge League to promote the game among youth.

Fourth and fifth graders share their opinions on bridge: it’s fun, challenging, and teaches patience, teamwork, and problem-solving. They find it rewarding and believe it improves memory and logical thinking skills.

Discover how today’s youth are embracing the classic game of bridge, building friendships, and bridging generational gaps. Explore the impact of initiatives like Atlanta Junior Bridge and the School Bridge League in shaping young minds.

Dr. Christopher Shaw’s study shows that children who learn bridge exhibit higher standardized test scores, attributed to improved inferential reasoning skills. Bridge instruction correlates with greater academic gains across various subjects over time compared to non-bridge learners. Click here to view the full data.

Lamplighter Montessori students excel at the Youth Bridge Conference in Atlanta, winning first place trophies and enjoying the experience.



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